Twitter 自动发推小程序

这是一个全自动发推的小程序 Windows version
This is a fully automated tweeting applet for Windows version


安装使用说明(Video installation and use instructions):


1. 点上方链接下载
2. 解压到本地硬盘
3. 按照压缩包中的说明文件指示,将要发推的文字图片视频copy到指定目录中
4. 执行程序,即可自动发帖
5. 将本程序添加到windows定时任务中,程序将按时自动启动,实现全自动发推。

Program description
This program can be used to send automatic tweets to twitter. The program has the following functions.
1. any ordinary twitter account can authorize this program to tweet automatically through the program.
2. you can use multiple twitter accounts to tweet through this program in turn.
3. can send three types of tweets: text, image and video.
4. can send multiple tweets in one run, the number of tweets and interval time can be set by yourself.
5. can be added to the windows timer task, start running on time completely without manual intervention.

How to use:
1. Click the link above to download
2. Decompress it to your local hard drive
3. Follow the instructions in the zip file to copy the text, pictures and videos to be posted to the specified directory
4. execute the program, you can automatically post
5. add this program to the windows timer task, the program will automatically start on time to achieve fully automatic tweeting.